English Lessons for Kindergarten Students

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My own two children attended local nurseries and kindergartens in Hong Kong, so I fully understand the learning needs of the children and the requirements of their parents.

Teaching English phonics to two 4-year-old student.

Parents are welcome to sit in with the children during the lessons.

Playing a phonics game with a K2 student.

Kindergarten 3 students are assisted with writing their own simple sentences, which helps to prepare them for the big jump to primary school.

Teaching English phonics to two 5-year-old students.

A wide variety of fun reading books and teaching material are used for kindergarten students. They include: Oxford Reading Tree, Ladybird books, Jolly Phonics and Letterland.

The Oxford Reading Tree series is used in 70% of UK schools.

Flash cards and other phonics games are used during freetalk sections and as a reward for good work.

Kindergaten students English material

Picture dictionaries can be used to help teach the younger children new words.

kindergaten students English material